Do You Tip A Massage Therapist At A Spa

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Do You Tip A Massage Therapist At A Spa

The standard hospitality rate for massage tipping is 20 percent. For example, if a massage or body treatment costs $100, a 20 percent tip would be $20. … Schweitzer says she always slips her intended cash tip into her spa robe pocket and simply hands it to her therapist after her treatment is over.
What spa staff wants you to do: Masseuses appreciate a 20 percent tip and like it even more if given in cash. That’s because if you tip on your credit card, most spas will pay that tip out with the therapist’s weekly or biweekly paycheck.
There are no definite rules on how much money you should tip your massage therapist. Some spas have no tipping policies, so it’s always helpful to ask ahead of time. But given that you were happy with the service, 15–20% of the total amount is an appropriate tip for a massage.
So when you have a $100 massage, tip $15 if the service was average, and 20 percent or more if the therapist provided outstanding service. Some day spas add …
Spa etiquette is easy once you know a few basics. Do … Massage therapists are trained to respect boundaries and use proper draping techniques, … During the massage, feel free to speak up on anything you would like to be .
Originally Answered: What are the rules on tipping a massage therapist? … In most spa settings, therapist work for commission and tips make up a good bit of the .
Should I have tipped the massage therapist? … My therapist of choice recently moved from a very health/spa type setting into a more medical .
Because a massage therapist is providing a service in a spa setting, as a courtesy, you should tip them in addition to the cost of your service.
Q. Being fairly new to massage, I’m always unsure about whether to tip or not? … sort of protocol around tipping therapists, Sohnen-Moe says it’s found in spas .
When you go to a spa and receive a massage, it is not only acceptable to tip, it’s expected, because that’s what you do when you receive a …

Do You Tip A Massage Therapist At A Spa
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