Jlo 10 Day Sugar Detox

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Jlo 10 Day Sugar Detox

The power couple is boosting health goals everywhere with a 10-day challenge that includes eating zero carbs and zero sugar

Going carb- and sugar-free for 10 days does not impress this nutrition expert. In case you didn’t know, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have started a 10-day no sugar and no carbohydrates challenge that is going viral.
The 10-day health challenge is taking Instagram by storm. Proposed by super-couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, the challenge …
The fit celeb couple is going 10 days without sugar or carbs and documenting their journey on Instagram—plus challenging other celebs to join.
Turns Out Even Jennifer Lopez Is “Really Hungry All The Time” From … program she’s trying: a 10-day challenge without sugar or carbs: “So, …
Sugar is killing us. Not only is it the root cause of obesity, it leads to many of the chronic diseases that plague our country. Follow these 10 steps to help cut your .. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have a new fitness plan for a new year. … post, the duo asked their followers to join them in a 10-day health challenge. … though—one that requires saying farewell to both carbs and sugar.
Headline As Jennifer Lopez cuts sugar and carbs for 10 days, what are … I have a sugar addiction and trying to cut sugar out of my diet is SO …

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